The Stumbling Block Principle

The stumbling block principle – Rom 14:15-16

Vs 15 –  Paul has been introducing what we call the stumbling block principle.  If a fellow Christian is distressed by something you are doing and you become aware of it.  The best course of action is in their presence not to do it.  Acting in love means that you respect their conviction and do not practice it in their presence.  Jesus died for both of you and you have been united through Him.  Wisdom, love and common sense are the order of the day.  You do not let them impose their convictions on you but you respect them by not either mocking or deliberately flaunting your opposition to this conviction by doing it in their presence.  

Vs 16 – Do not allow what you consider good to spoken as evil.  Defend your conviction especially if it is based on the Bible but do not judge or condemn another if they do not agree with you.  God has calls us to peace and unity and this is accomplished when we choose make an effort to keep it inspite of difference in personal convictions.