The test

In 2 Cor 2:9, Paul writes that testing is designed to find out what you know and what you are made of.  In school teachers tests students to find out if they know the material or not.  I remember the all night study sessions that I did when I was in Bible school.  My friend George and I would recite back and forth the material until it was in our minds.  Paul says that God tests us to know whether or not we will be obedient in all things.  Will we be obedient in our thoughts, words, deeds, attitudes and motives.  The biggest problem with man is that we have an ego.  By nature we are independent and rebellious.  We want our way all the time.  This of course leads us to direct opposition to God.  Thus the battle for the soul.  Paul says if you want to live for God you have to reckon yourself dead.  You have to say no, to the things you want and say yes, to God.  Problems, trials, and hard times are designed to purify us to the point where we say yes, to God and no, to ourselves.  Here is a wonderful illustration from mining.  Metal is heated up until all the impurities are taken out of the metal and all that is left if the pure gold or silver.  That is what God will do.  He will make things so hot that we will be willing to give up all that is impure in our lives to serve Him.  I know this from practical experience.  So today let God test you, refine and take out your life the impurities.  After the testing is over you will obey God in all things for His praise and glory.