The Tomb are Opened

Nov 13 – Tombs are opened up – Matt 27:52   After the earthquake tombs through out the city were thrown open and many holy people were raised from the dead.  This is an example of what resurrection power is all about.  Here we have the one who came to give life bringing life to those who had been dead.   The people who were raised were known for their piety and desire to follow God.  Matthew says they were holy or righteous people.  This event underscores the fact that Jesus came to give us life and with it more abundance.  Another important fact was that they were seen through out the city.  The supernatural elements of Jesus death spoke here because this was not an isolated event but many were seen.  We do not have any evidence that those who were raised said anything but the fact that they were alive spoke to the incredible things that were happening that day.  Today let resurrection power be displayed in your life as a testimony to your world that Jesus’ power and victory is in your life.  Promises Today:  1 John 3:8, John 15:7, Psalm 84:11, Prov 10:11 and Jer 1:12.  Proverbs for Today: 

As the caterpillar struggles to free`itself from the cocoon to become a butterfly.  Prayer through struggle frees the soul, mind and spirit to the beauty of divine presence and love. 

 Love like rope becomes stronger when more strands are added it