The way of the wise

In Prov 12:15, Solomon gives a listen thought of wisdom.  He says that the way of the foolish seems right to them.  The foolish makes plans to succeed and the way they make it seems right to them.  Yet they forget to consult others who have gone that way before.  The foolish say things like this, " I am blazing my own trail."  I am going to do this my way.  Famous last words.  It reminds me of a story of a young man who decided to go into the woods one day for a hike.  He went without a compass, provisions and he forgot to tell someone where he was going.  Being an inexperienced hiker he soon go lost.  No one knew that he was gone, he did not have anything to eat or drink and he had no back up plan.  He wandered around in those woods for three days.  He became de-hydrated, confused and was not missed until the next day.  The young man almost died and it was only when another hiker found him lying unconscience in the woods that his story came out.  That young man learned a very valuable lessen.  Over and over he said, "I almost died because of my fooilshness."  A wise person always seeks advice from someone who knows what they are doing.  I hope you will be wise.