The Wise and Foolish Builders

The Wise and Foolish Builders – Matt 7:24-27


Jesus is almost finished His Sermon on the Mount.  He has taught on almost every aspect of life.  Now He closes this sermon by giving a practical illustration.  He says that those who hear His sayings and does them is like a wise builder.  This man built his house on a rock.  When the storm comes his house will stand.  Those who hear Jesus’ words and does not do them is like the foolish builder.  He builds his house on the sand or the beach.  It has a great view but when the storm comes because of a shifting foundation the house falls.  Jesus has made a clear distinction between His teachings and the teaching of the leaders of the day.  The wise follow Jesus and the foolish follow the teachers of the day.

Jesus offers stable righteousness while the Pharisees offer unstable traditions of men.  The foolish hear Jesus’ teaching and still cling to their sinful and wicked ways.  The wise hear what Jesus says and does what He wishes and then inherit eternal life and righteousness