The Wise Men

In Matt 1:12, some wise men were shown by God that a King was bon in the nation of Israel.  They saw a star and this star was a sign that would lead them to this King.  Thy travelled west until they came to Jerusalem and visited Herod.  An inquiry was made from the scripture Micah 5:2, it was known that the King would be born in Bethlehem.  They went to Bethlehem and found the baby Jesus who was now about two years old.  They gave him presents of gold, frankinsence and myrrh.  They were told by the Lord in a dream to go home another way and Mary and Joseph were told to flee to Egypt.  In this account we learn that God revealed to gentiles, His secret to confirm that Jesus was the Christ.  They came to worship Him and to show that Jesus was the Son of God.  Jesus came to disturb hearts as He did that day in the city of Jerusalem.  God always confirms His word through prophecy, found in the word of God and confirmed by the word.  Jesus right from the beginning faced opposition and as His followers we must realize that the world hates us and will try to kill us if they have a chance.  Your promises today are:  Micah 5:2, John 1:1 & 14, John 3:16, 2 Cor 5:17 and Eph 3:20.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Children are the best and worst of their parents which always comes out in a parent teacher interview.  Gossip is tasty to the tongue and ears until it is about you.