The Word of God.

In 1 Thess 2:13, Paul is so thankful for the fact that the brothers in this city were willing to accept the Word of God as it is.  Today we live in a society of liberal thinkers.  They say anyhthing goes.  I have met many preachers who have told me they do not believe the Word of God.  It is my opinion that you cannot be a true believer and not believe the Bible is not the Word of God.  I feel sorry for those who know the Lord and are going to churches where the minister doesn’t believe the Word of God.  In that church there is no standard of faith and practice.  In that church they get the opinions of man instead of thus says the Word of the Lord.  This word will work in those who believe.  It will change them and mold them.  This word will also in turn change society and make people aware of the Lord.  Wesley changed England through the Word.  Luther changed Germany with the Word and so shall we change Canada if we truly believe the Word of God.  Your promises today are:  Heb 4:12, John 1:1 & 14, Rom 10:17 and Rom 10:9-10.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Young man do not be hasty to marry for beauty.  The real beauty which is in the heart can only be revealed over time.  Young man enjoy your muscles and fitness while you are young.  Your washboard stomach over time if you are not diligent turns into a laundry hamper.