The Words that Changed everything,

In John 3, Jesus was sought out by a man Nicodemus.  Nicodemus was a great teacher and leader in Israel.  He came to Jesus by night and in that conversation, Jesus made a statement that changed everything.  What was that statement?  It was, you must be born again.  Jesus revealed that before a person can know God their heart has to be more than changed, it has to be removed and given a new heart.  This concept of heart transplant was foreign to people’s thinking until 1969, then Christian Bernard a heart specialist in Capetown, South Africa, performed the first successful heart transplant.  His patient’s old heart was removed and given a new heart.  That is what God does.  He takes our old heart of sin and shame and gives us a new heart full of grace and truth.  One moment we are walking away from God and the next we are walking towards God.  We have been born again.  Salvation has had its full and complete work. As I have stated before, I am fascinated by salvation and redemption.  God in a moment takes a sinner and makes them a saint.  This transforation can be subtle and gradual or dramatic and quick.  The wonderful thing is that God changes lives.  Today let these words, "you must be born again," sink into your heart and let Jesus change you from the inside out.