Theme of Life

In Psalm 95:1-7, we see the most prevalent theme found through out the Psalms is worship.  God desires that His people worship Him.  Jesus said in John 4, that those who worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth.  Worship is one of the most talked about subjects today and yet one of the most least understood.  There are three ways in which we can worship the Lord.  First, melodious worship, this is when the Christian worships the Lord in song whether out loud or in the heart.  Secondly, prayer, this communication between us and the Lord.  The Christian communicates with God either with their lips or in their heart.  Talking with God one on one.  Lastly, body language, this is where by an action the Christian expresses their love for God.  It could be clapping, hand raising, dancing, etc.  Worship is an attitude of the heart exoressed.  So express your heart.  Your promises today are, Psalm 33:1, 50:23, 148:14, 149:1, Isaiah 43:21, 61:3, 1 Thess 5:18, Heb 13:15 and 1 Pet 2:9.  Your insightful thoughts are:  Learn to be content in all circumstances because in most cases there is nothing you can do about them anyways.  When you are willing to admit that you are wrong you have already made half the trip towards forgiveness.