Thes Testimony of the Crowd

Luke 23-48   The multitude of people after Jesus had died began to began to beat their breasts and went away.  They knew that this was a death that was unnecessary.  They knew they had put an innocent man to death.  It was interesting that all who knew Jesus watch the whole event at a distance.  The only ones were with Jesus at the cross was John and His mother Mary.  Jesus was abandoned and faced this cruel death alone.  Once He died the victory of Calvary was secured.  The crowd got what it wanted but realized that what they wanted was not really what they wanted.  They saw the horrendous results of their hatred.  An innocent man was dead and they would have to face all the consequences of this act.  A lesson we can learn from this event is that many times the things we want are not the things we should have.  Pray the will of God to be done in your life and this will keep you have to be sorrowful and regretful for what has transpire in your life.  The Lord wishes to give good things to His children.