They went forth

They Went Forth –  Mark 16:20      This is such a great verse.  It has five components to it.  First, the disciples went forth.  They had received their commission and they now knew what they were suppose to do and what they were about.  The gospel is our main focus and direction as a Christian.  We pray and then obey.  Next, they went everywhere.  They had been told to start where they lived and go from there.  This message would one day circle the globe and include millions of people.  There is no place on this planet that must be let untouched.  Thirdly, the Lord was working with them.  The Lord is the invisible power behind our message.  We are workers together with God.  He works in us and through us for His praise and glory.  God is looking for a willing and obedient vessel to work through.  Fourthly, the confirmed His word.  Whenever we preach in Hid name the Lord will confirm the message.  There will be a reaction.  Isaiah stated the word of the God will not return void but it will accomplish what it has been sent to do.  Lastly, the word will be confirmed with signs following.  What a marvellous truth.  The Lord will confirm what you do with signs, wonders and miracles.  We should not seek the signs but the one who gives the signs.  As any signs they are designed to point to something, in this case it is he Lord.  He will confirm His word and through these signs many will believe and be drawn to Christ.