This little light

Being Light


The child of God is the Light of the world.  In us shines the light of God.  You are city on a hill.  The topography of this area of Galilee is surrounded by gentle slopes but the east and west shores of the Galilee are steep cliffs and sharply rising hills.  Communities on the top of these hills can be seen for miles.  Jesus was using this illustration to make the point that a life committed to God cannot be hid.  It will reflect the light and life of God.  We are not the light but we reflect the light.  Like a mirror reflects an image so we reflect the Lord.

Jesus then says no one lights a life and then puts it under a bowl.  Instead they place the light in a prominent place to give light to the whole room.     In the same manner we are to allow our light to be shown before people so they may see the good things you do and give praise to your Father in heaven.

The Christian is called to prominence.  We were not saved to hide our testimony.  There are no secret agents in the Kingdom or covert operations.  Our lives should radiant the love of God.  Faith is designed to be seen.  We are called to give glory to God.  The word “glory”, means to take upon and reflect the character and essence of God.  For example God is love so we should love.  God forgives we should forgive.  Fruitful Christianity is faith that is accompanied by works.  James point is succinctly, “I will show you my faith by what I do.”  Today do the same,