This to consider

Jan 15 – Things to consider – Rev 1:9

Vs 9 – John reveals several things to consider and in this verse he states the background of this letter. He lets his audience know that he was John. Most scholars believe this was John the beloved and the brother of James who was the first martyr. He was their fellow companion in the suffering that was prevalent at that time. Domitian was the Caesar at the time and he was persecuting Christians through out the empire. Previous to the writing of the book of Revelation tradition says that John had been boiled in oil but had survived and was banished to this island called Patmos. John was serving in the Kingdom of God and so was those who serve here was do it with patience and endurance. Paul says that we must not grow weary in well doing because in due season we will reap a harvest. John had been doing this ministry for about six decades.
John found himself imprisoned on the Island of Patmos because of two reasons. The word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. These two qualities must be front and center of all we do for Jesus Christ. This book was written around 95 A.D. The first century was about to close and John was the last of the apostles.