Three Blessings

   Jan 6, 2012, is already upon us and here we are looking at 2 Cor 13:13.  Paul writes this little message.  He wants three things to happen to his audience.  First, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is to be upon them.  Grace is such a broad word.  It means undeserved mercy but also complete life.  Through Jesus Christ we can have a complete life.  Every part of our lives can be complete.  Secondly, the love of God.  In Romans 8, we learn that nothing can separate us from the love of God.  The love of God is love with no strings attached and God loves you with everything He has.  It was the love of God that sent Jesus to become our Saviour.  Lastly the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.  To know that you are never alone.  Everywhere you go and whatever you do the Holy Spirit is there.  He is leading, guiding and directing you.  He is empowering you, giving you gifts and fruit.  I knew a person once who was struggling with their walk with God until they read this verse and then they realized that they had all of heaven behind them and it changed their lives.  It can change yours today as well.  Today is TGIF have a great weekend and don’t forget to go to church if you are in St. Albert come and visit me just look for my name under the church page.  It is Robert Dean Steel.