Time for Everything

In Ecc 3:1, Solomon writes that there is time for everything under heaven.  The challenge we have today is to find time to do everything that God’s wants us to do.  Time management is a real challenge.  To find time for God, your family, work and all the other things can be interesting. Yesterday I read a quote, "Pray like everything is up to God and work like everything is up to you."  This means you need to think things through before you even attempt one thing.  Pray about what you need to do and then do them in order of priority for the glory of God.  Paul says that we are to redeem the time.  This means to make sure that we are doing godly things first.  Jesus said we are to seek first the Kingdom of God and then all things will be added unto us.  Today as you begin your day ask the Lord what things you should do today and then follow what He says.  This practice is called obedience.  When you order your day according to God’s will you be surprised how fast you get things done and how good you will feel.  Jesus did and He touched His world and you can as well.