Time of Waiting

Yesterday was Good Friday when Christians around the world celebrated and remembered the death of Jesus Christ. Â Jesus hung on the cross and then had imparted on Him the sins of the world. Â He stated that it was finished. Â The power of death, hell and the grace was broken and mankind`s future was made secure. Â Today is Saturday. Â That day between Good Friday an the resurrection morning. Â In the world of the early disciples it was, the I wonder happens next. Â They had just seen their hopes dashed. Â The person that they had pinned all their futures on was now gone. Â They were confused, daze and full of fear, Â Would they be next? Â Was the next knock on the door be the soldiers who came to take Jesus away coming for them? Â Frightened discouraged and afraid are words that would fit their situation. Â This day in between is like many of our world’s. Â Today there are individuals who don’t know if they are even going to make it through the day. Â We have been praying for a young man Felix to be healed and so far it has not gotten better. Â He and his family are living on the day in between. Â Is resurrection coming? Â Will Jesus conquer death and bring victory? Â Will God keep His promise? Â Will the young family who lost their little one in a tragic accident see God come through? Â The answer is Yes, God will come through because resurrection power is on the way. Â When we do not know what is coming but the victory of the resurrection gives us the assurance of God’s help. Â I do not know what you are going through today but help is on the way. Â Divine intervention is coming because of the resurrection, Your story is still being written. Â Jesus promised His disciples that He would rise from the dead. Â On the day in between it seemd impossible but with God all things are possible. Â Jesus did rise from the dead. Â Easter Sunday is coming and all that it accomplish it still available. Â Today receive and release this resurrection power and victory in your life. Â Â