Time to look at our hearts.

   Today is Friday and most of us look forward to a little time off and relaxing after a long week of work.  I deserve a little down time many of us will say to ourselves this weekend.  The problem with the feeling that we have rights and privileges is that usually those rights and feelings come into conflict with either someone elses rights and privileges or God’s.  Paul in the book of Romans viewed himself as a debtor.  He believed that when he came to Christ, he believed that he had surrendered his rights and privileges to God.  His desire then was only to do the will of the Father.  I want to make something very clear.  God does want you to enjoy every aspect and moment of your life.  He wishes for you to have a full abundant life.  Personally I have had a great life.  His will has allowed me to life in some of the most beautiful and wonderful communities in Canada.  I have had homes with million dollar views in locales people came from around the world to see.  God has been good.  I have had five cars given to me, two homes and so much else.  I have been blessed.  All because my priortiies for the last 3 decades has been His will.  The point of this little diatribe is this.  This weekend instead of doing your will, do His will.  Spend more time with Him in His house.  Spend time with your loved ones or helping others.  I know you will feel better if you do.