Tips for a healthier home

Want a healthier home? First and foremost keep God at the head of it!  Here are some other tips from The Morning Show on Thursday…

 Color your way to happiness – Adding color to any room is a drastic mood lifter, and it can be done pretty quickly! Consider painting just one wall a lively color. A bright red, a soothing green or even a vibrant yellow completely changes the feel, and will really affect the vibe of a room.


Celebrate life – First of all, think Flower Power! Fresh flowers are very easy to get at your local grocery market, and they make any room seem more alive. Plants have the same positive effect. 



Let there be light – The more points of light in any room, the better. Especially as the days are getting shorter, having warm lighting will help you feel more energized and alive through the winter months. Overhead lighting can be augmented by lamps in several places throughout a room. 



Get comfortable – You begin and end almost every day in your bedroom, so make the room an oasis! Have proper bedding and pillows. You will feel well rested, and it will be easier to get up in the morning.


 Take control – It’s this simple: Clear space = A clear mind. Keep desktops, countertops and tabletops open. Put the papers, files and knickknacks away. Not only will your home feel cleaner, it will feel a whole lot bigger!