To be Blessed

In Matt 5:3, Jesus says that those that are poor in spirit will receive the Kingdom of God.  Jesus was saying that those who see their need for God will inherit or receive His kingdom.  The Kingdom of God according to Paul in Rom 14:17, is righteousness, peace and joy.  What a wonderful gift.  Everyday to have a right standing with God and men.  To have peace that passes all understanding.  To be at peace with God, yourself and others.  To have that deeped contentment knowing that everything is going to work out for good.  God is so good.  When you choose to allow your pride, prejudice and faults go and let God have His way you will inherit and see the Kingdom of God.  God has so much in store for His people.  He has gifts and callings that He is never sorry that He gives.  He has promises and protection awaiting each one.  All you have to do is let go of your pride, confess your sins and give your life to Him.  To me it seems like a small price to pay for eternal and abundant life.  As the knight in Indiana Jones the last crusade said, "Choose wisely."  Back in the 1980’s a pop group called Wham recorded a song that featured a tee shirt that said, "Choose life."  Today choose life and with it comes abundance.  Choose the Lord.