Today’s Devotion and Thoughts

This morning I chatted with you about Isaiah 7:14.  It states that the Lord Himself will give a sign.  A sign is something that points to a destination, business or something the producer of the sign wants you to know.  In this case the Lord wants all to know that the virgin will give birth to a Son.  This virgin was named Mary and she gave birth to a Son whose name is Jesus.  Jesus came to save mankind from their sins and to create a relationship with God and His greatest creation, man.  Salvation and redemption are the central themes of Christmas.  Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  He is the reason for the season.  This scripture also reveals a powerful truth that this child would be called Immanuel which the Angel Gabriel stated means, "God with Us."  Jesus is God with a face.  What I find so wonderful is that Isaiah the prophet some 700 years before the event of Jesus`birth gave us a clear picture of who Jesus Christ is.  He was born of a virgin, He is the Son of God and He is Immauel, `God with us.` Boggles the mind.