Traditions attacked or clarified by Jesus

Traditions attacked or clarified by Jesus – Matt 15:1-20 & Mark 7:1-23


When Jesus was in Capernaum some teachers of the law that were from Jerusalem asked Him why His disciples were not eating their food properly and according to the law.  They were also eating food that was considered unclean.  Jesus answered them and gave a teaching on how men had perverted the laws of God,


1.        Isaiah was right when he prophesized against the people of Jesus’ time when he said that they honoured the Lord with their lips but their hearts were far from Him.

2.        They taught rules that are of men and that their worship of God was in vain.  They would let go of the teaching of God and hold onto the teachings of men.  They set aside the rules of God so they could do their own traditions.

3.        Moses said that the people of God were to honor their fathers and mothers but the Pharisees said that you could say anything to the parents if it would help them.  They also taught that their children were not obligated to help their parents.  They in reality were nullifying the word of God by traditions handed out by men.