True Doctrine

In John  7:16, Jesus told His audience that the doctrine He was teaching was not His own but the one who sent Him.  Jesus was revealing in this verse that what He was bringing to His world was not His own but God’s.  Many have said that Jesus was a revolutionary teacher.  He taught a whole new way of thinking.  He one way did and in another way He did not.  In the Old Testament we have all the same things brought forward.  What Jesus did was bring it in a new way.  His ability to simply state things is wonderful.  He taught that God was love, acceptance and forgiveness.  He then showed it in the things He did.  Jesus showed in a practical way how God viewed life and people.  Jesus showed the non judgmental aspect of God.  God has always been long suffering.  He took centuries before He judged people.  The only reason He did judge was because the nations had become so corrupt that they needed to be destroyed.  In Jesus Christ God was able to have mankind’s sins forgiven and renew a relationship with mankind.  In Christ, God has been able to give mankind eternal and abundant life.  Jesus’ doctrine and teaching was from the Father.  Everything Jesus did and teach was direct from the Father.  Jesus was God on earth.  God with a face.  Anything He did the Father would have done.  Jesus said in the next verse that if anyone really wants to do the will of God they will do what I do.  So today if you want to do the will of God follow Jesus’ example.