True Forgiveness

In Matt 6:14-15, Jesus addresses a major problem that people face everyday and that is un-forgiveness.  It is easy these days to be offended and hurt.  It is easy to be riddle with unforgiveness.  Jesus says that we are to forgive others when they hurt and offend us.  Jesus says that if we do not forgive the our heavenly father will not forgive us.  Our spiritual health is directly connected with forgiveness.  When we forgive we release ourselves and others of very negative factors in our lives.  We allow the love of God to fill us and we are walking in true repentance.  Forgiveness is such a powerful place to be.  To be able to have clear vision of what God wants for your life.  That is so amazing.  The example of course was Jesus Himself.  He was on the cross and He said, "Father forgive them they know not what they do."  Many times when people hurt and offend us they don’t even know that they have done it.  Today, remember this fact if you do get hurt or offended.  Forgive immediately and then let the Lord work it through your heart and you will be release and free to walk in true love.