True Freedom

When I read the book of Philippians I marvel at the fact that this book does not sound like it was written by a man who was in prison.  Paul speaks to the people as though he was free.  In a sense Paul was free.  Yes, his body was confined to one place yet his spirit was free.  Every once in a while we allow ourselves to become burdened down with the cares of life, yet we can be uplifted if we read the book of Philippians.  Paul looked at prison as a stepping stone for the gospel.  Paul because of his chains spoke more fearlessly about Christ.  He knew his time was limited so he wanted all who were around to know that even in death he could speak for His Lord.  There is tremendous freedom knowing this could be your last day on the planet.  This puts everything into focus pretty fast.  You no longer live for yourself but for the Lord.  You know your time is short and so you live every moment for the Lord and make eternal things your priority.  Your Promises for Today are:  Deut 7:9, Prov 20:6, Lam 3:22-23, Matt 24:45, 25:21, Luke 16:10, Gal 5:22, 2 Tim 2:13 and Heb 2:17.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Before you can build a house of love, you begin with a foundation of faith.  The child of the world cries out, "Give me passion, popularity and possessions.  The child of God cries out, "Give me faith, hope and love."