True Hospitality

True Hospitality – Rom 16:1-2

Vs 1 – Paul now closes this letter with greetings and mentioned different people and commends them.  There is Phoebe whose is described as a servant.  She has a church meeting in her home.  In Roman days most churches met in private homes.  She was a leader in a women’s ministry. She was Cenchrea.  Hospitality and grace are the true marks of a Christian.  Jesus stated that we are His disciples but how we love one another.  That is done more through deed than by word.  In fact words without action are hollow.

Vs 2 – Paul was asking the Romans to receive her in a manner worthy of the Lord.  He also instructed them to give her help because she has been a great help to many people including Paul himself.  What a wonderful testimony Phoebe has.  Paul is teaching that we reap what we sow.  When Gordon Bailey went to Yellowknife to Pastor he sow true love by helping the homeless and over the years God gave Him so back in return.  Give and it will given unto you.