True Value

There was a man who travelled the world looking for the rarest treasures.  One day he heard of a beautiful pearl that was in a particular place.  He travelled there to see it.  When he saw it  he was in awe.  He offered the owner a payment for the pearl beyond imagination to which the owner refused.  He was amazed that his offer was refused.  Yet he determined to up the offer.  A few days later he returned with several of the rare treasures he found and with the previous payment he offered them as well.  To his astonishment the owner still refused.  This only may his resolve to have this pearl stronger.  After gathering his most valuable and rarest treasures together along with a huge amount of cash he returned.  He offered all of these to the owner.  Without a moment of hesitation the owner refused.  The man was dumbfounded for a moment and then asked the owner this question.  "Why have you refused these generous offer which any ordinary man would have accepted immediately."  The owner of the pearl said, "it is true this pearl is of great value, but it was a gift from my wife who I value more than any possession in this world, that is why I cannot or would not sell it."  True value is not found in material possessions but in those we love.