Trust in the Lord

Feb 15 – Psalm 20:6-7 – Trust in the Lord

     Psalm 20 is a Psalm of David.  David reminds his readers that the Lord will answer their prayers.  In vs 6, he states that He knows the Lord will rescue His anointed.  We see that continuously throughout the Bible.  An enemy attacks God’s anointed and the Lord rescues them.  He answers from His holy heaven.  This gives the reader a reference point but the reality is God is everywhere at every time.  He is omni-present.  He rescues His anointed with His saving power from His right hand.  Again I remind you that the right hand in the Old Testament was the hand of strength and power.

     In vs 7, David states a famous verse. Some trust in chariots and horses which were the tanks and bombs of today.  In those days chariots and horses meant swift judgment.  They under the skill of a charioteer would mow down ground troops.  David said that some trust in human resources and implements of destruction but He would trust the Lord.  In the battle of Barak and Deborah the enemies of Israel faced a rain storm that made their chariots ineffective.  Trust in the Lord and He will defeat any foe you face.