Trying to get your own Way!

In Gen 25:23-26, we see that Rebekah the wife of Isaac had two boys, Esau and Jacob.  They were boys that fought right from the beginning.  Esau was born seconds before Jacob but as Jacob came out of the womb he was holding onto the heel of Esau.  These two boys would fight for everything.  Yet Jacob had something Esau did not.  This was cunning.  This cunning also included deception which at anytime is wrong.  The Bible teaches that the Christian must be a wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.  This means that the Christian must know what they are doing but not offend anyone if possible.  The world thinks it doesn’t matter how you get your way just as long as you get it.  The Kingdom of God doesn’t work that way.  You must be willing to be servant of all.  Jacob wanted his own way and to get it, he was willing to deceive his brother.  This later cost him much sorrow.  His own sons learned their lessons on decpetion well and caused Jacob much pain and sorrow.  Today make it your aim to be as honest as possible with everyone.  Don’t be a person who is known as a liar.  Let your word be your bond.