Unbreakable Faith

Today in Col 1:2, Paul is commending the church at Colossae for two things.  First, that they had an unshakeable faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and secondly that they loved one another.  These two things are so important for Christian growth and maturity.  To be a reproducer in the faith your devotional life must be consistent.  You have to know your God.  You must be able to talk to Him and He must be able to talk with you.  People have come to me from time to time again asking for the secret of success to becoming a more stable and mature Christian.  The answer is prayer and Bible Study.  Out of these two elements develop love and devotion for the saints.  John says in John 4:7-8 that the Christian must love one another.  Jesus Himself said, that people will know that we are His disciples by the way that we love one another.  I hope you will find these two things, "faith in Christ and love for saints in your life today.  Your promises are: 1John 4:7-8, John 3:16, Matt 6:33, Matt 22:37-40 and Matt 28:19-20.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Many call for justice, but justice with being tempered with love and mercy is nothing but revenge and hatred in disguise.  No one would ever admit to being a fool but the person who leaves God out of their life, the term fits.