Understand the Times

Understand the times – Rom 13:11-12

Vs 11 – Paul then tells his audience to understand the times in which they live.  Every

generation who lives is closer to the coming of the Lord.  The time has come that all

people wake up from their slumber.  Mankind has wasted their time, talents and resources

on the wrong things.  The hour of the Lord’s coming is closer than anyone thinks.  This

is an exhortation to live ready.

Vs 12 – The time of darkness is over and the light of a new day is dawning.  Paul says

that we must put aside our deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.  This is one

the first reference to the whole armor of God that was so gallantly revealed in the Book of Ephesians.  Prayer, righteous, peace, salvation and truth.  Paul makes it clear that darkness has nothing to do with light so forget the deeds of darkness and hold to truth.  It will be the only thing that will give you victory in this dark and dangerous world.  Remember Jesus is the truth.