Use what you have

In Matt 21:1-4, Jesus sees a widow coming into the temple area.  He notices that she walks up to the collection box which is designed to help the treasury of the temple.  She then drops two small coins she has and walks away.  Jesus then remarked that she had given more than every one else.  Others had given what they could afford, she had given what she could not afford.  The lesson we learn from this passage is that we must be willing to give sacrificially to really impact the Kingdom.  Most Canadian Christians give out of our abundance.  It has been reported that the average Canadian gives about 1 1/2% of our income to the Lord.  Now I know that there are people who give above and beyond what is required by scripture and they should applauded.  Yet the vast majority give whenever they feel like it.  The reality is they are robbing God and themselves of God’s blessing.  Jesus stated that if you sow sparingly you reap sparingly and if you sow abundantly, you will reap abundantly.  How you give will be given back to you.  In reality you are robbing yourself.  Stewardship is whole life giving.  You give of your time, talents and resources.  The widow is an example of what God commends.  Someone who gives because they love God.  Do you love God?  You will be able to tell by what your check book says.  You can lie to yourself but your check book does not lie.  Does what you have belong to God?  You can tell by your attitude when someone comes to borrow something.  Little questions that show where you heart is.  Jesus said, where your treasure is that is where your heart is.  Your promises today are:  Psalm 2:8, 37:4, 55:22, Prov 8:21, Matt 6:33, John 14:3 and 4:13,  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Truth is only as strong as those that carry it out and truth like faith begins in the heart of those that receive it.