Using proper tactics in life.

   In 1 Sam 26:30, we see one man who would a problem during the entire reign of David and his name was Joab.  He was a crafty and ambitous man.  He was willing to do anything to have power and position.  There is nothing wrong with being ambitous but not at the cost of everything else.  There are people like Joab today.  Many Christians employ the same tactics in business as Joab employed to keep himself as head of the Jewish army.  I once heard a Christian man say that Christianity is Christianity and business is business.  I truly believe that we must take our Christianity into every facet of our lives.  There cannot be a double standard.  We are many people’s bible and so we must make sure that our walk lines up with our talk.  Someone’s salvation could depend on it.  Do you best to serve Christ in this matter today.