Using Saturday Wisely.

Saturday for me is not just another day.  It is my day to reconnect in a practical way with God.  I spend all week doing the Radio programs and pastoring.  Satuday and Sundays are my days of prayer.  This is my time to really gt alone with God.  For several years I have been praying every Saturday for revival.  Revival is really about individuals getting revived in the Lord and reviving their world.  One time a person asked Gypsy Smith a revivalist of the 19th century, how revival starts?  His response was this, "Draw a circle around yourself and do not leave until you are revived."  So today draw a circle around yourself and do not leave that circle until you have met with God and He has changed your life.  We are the secret of revival.  What amazes me is how much time we spend serving ourselves and forget that our lives as Christians are about serving God and then serving others.  Today stay in that place of prayr until God changes your heart.  Then you in turn will change your world.