Valentine Thoughts!

Today is Valentines Day.  A day sent aside for the idea and promotion of love.  1 John 4:7-8, says that we are called to love not only God but ourselves and those around us.  This scripture also states that God is love.  Love is the most powerful communicated attribute of God.  It is the thing that makes us different from any other creature on this planet.  We have the capacity to love.  Love is more than hormones or brain chemicals, it is a characteristics and attribute of God.  There is a line from the "Preacher’s Wife" which starred the late Whitney Houston, that goes like this.  "When you love someone you are loving God."  So true.  God has called us to love one another, to accept one another and forgive one another.  Valentines is just another reminder for us.  It is also an opportunity to so that love in a tangible way.  Recently I read that 52% of all adults in Canada are single.  Valentines for many will be a challenge because they do not have a significant other in their lives.  If you do, show them all the love you can and this way you will be fulfilling the great commandment.  To love your neighbor as yourself.  If you do not have a significant other than show in a tangible way love by an act of kindness.