Victors Crown

Feb 5 – Victors crown – Rev 2:10

Vs 10 – Jesus warns them that they will suffer, face prison and persecution. He tells them not to be afraid. He also tells them who is behind this attack. It is satan himself. He will test you. Remember satan is the tempter. Temptation is another word for test. They will be tested to see their true colors. They will be tested to see what they are made of. Testing always brings out the best or worse. It just depends on what is going on inside.
This time of testing will last ten days. This is not literal but an extended period of time. It could be years or decades. However long the time these ten days are Jesus called them to be faithful. Do not give in or up. Stay true to the Lord. Some will even go to the point of death. Now it does not say they will die but it will be to the point of death. The reward for this faithfulness is life and the victors crown. This is the crown given to those who run the race of life and win. It is given to the one who stays true and faithful to the end. You never give up or surrender.