Wait for Power

–  Wait for Power – Luke 24:19     This is such a great verse.  Jesus has just commissioned the disciples but now He gives them one more set of instructions and with this instruction is also a promise.  He tells them in a few days they will be endued with power from on high  To do what they have been called to do they will need power.  This power cannot and will not come from man.  With man’s power is man’s results.  They are going to get the promise of the Father.   Of course we know that this was the power of the Holy Spirit.  He is third person of the God head who lives in us.  He regenerates and empowers us for service.   They were told to tarry and wait.  This power and gift would come in the timing of the Lord.  When the conditions were met and the timing was right the power and presence of the Holy Spirit would come and will come.  These conditions are still in effect today.  Too many are trying to do God’s work in the power of man.  Paul rebuked the Galatians when He asked them why they were trying to complete in the flesh what was started in the Spirit.  Jesus said, “Tarry until you be endued with power from High.”  So today do not leave your place of prayer until you have been given God’s power.  Gypsy Smith was asked one time what brings revival?  He stated, “Draw a circle around yourself and stay there until you have been revived.  Revival has started.”