Wake up

Feb 21 – wake up – Rev 3:2

Vs 2 – Jesus calls them to wake up. They have been slumbering and slowly dying. Jesus often gives us wake up calls. He always speaks to us as often as He can before judgment falls. Jesus tells them to strengthen what remains. Obviously there was things the church has going for them that was good and yet there were also things that were about to die. They were in a state of decay. This can happen when the next generation has lost its fire or zeal. It can happen when the individual does not receive its own revelation of the Lord. Every generation needs a personal encounter with Jesus. You cannot teach faith it has to be caught. Every church is one generation from extinction.
Jesus has found their works and deeds unfinished. They start off well but do not finish. They have great plans but never execute them all of this in the sight of God. God sees our real deeds. Many have many plans they tell God they are going to do and then either get sidetrack, distracted or just don’t do them. This leaves God and the individual frustrated.