Walk in obedience.

In Lev 18:3-5, we find the people of Israel were given laws to live by for their good and yet they disobeyed.  God told them in this portion of scripture that they were not to walk in the ways of the people of Egypt or Canaan.  Both these cultures were notorious for they idol worship and immorality.  God told the Israelites to walk in His ways.  They were to follow his statutes.  Some of these were very practical.  Some were given to prevent disease.  Others were to prevent leprosy which was the most feared disease in the ancient world.  If a person does what the Lord requires they live a life of abundance and peace.  God would be with them.  Yet if they fail to live up to the commitment that they made to the Lord and walk in the ways of man or the devil, the Lord will not be with them.  Today walk in the ways of the Lord outlined in the Bible and God will be with you.  It is a simple choice.  Our promises today are Job 5:19, Heb 2:15, Psalm 91:5, 34:1 and Acts 1:8