Walking in character

There is a story of a man who had to make a decision about the direction he was going to go.  The man was getting ready for a long trip.  He was told that he could go through a swamp which was a short cut or he could stay to the main road which would take a little longer.  He decided to take the short cut.  He walked through the swamp but unfortunately he got lost and ended wandering around in the swamp for a long time.  The short cut cost him precious time and he ended taking longer doing the short cut than if he had stayed on the main road.  The lesson we learn from this man is that even though sometimes a way seems quicker does not mean it is.  The Bible says that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.  The path to peace and love begins with a relationship with God.  He has ways to keep that peace and peace strong.  It is through prayer, reading of the Bible, going to church and sharing your faith.  For some this path seems boring and safe, so they choose some short cut and end up losing their way and get off the path and lose the very thing they once had.  Solomon put it this way man determines his way but God weighs the heart.  God knows what is going on in your heart so let him determine your path.  He knows what is best and faith is learning to trust God in all areas.