Watch and Pray

In Mark 14:38, there is a three word phrase.  Jesus says, "watch and pray."  He then gives the reasons.  So you will not fall into temptation.  For truly the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  There is a reality that everyone of us face everyday.  The Lord could come that day or we could meet Him through the portal of death.  There is no guarantee on life so we need to be doing two things.  We need to watch and pray.  Watching indicates that you are looking and living ready.  The job of a guard in Jesus’ day was to watch for the enemy.  He was to alert the city of anything that look suspicious.  If he failed at his job the city could be lost.  Our job today is to watch, we are God’s watchman in our world’s. Next we are to pray.  This carries with it a great responsibility.  Larry Lea says the greatest ministry we can do is pray because Jesus Himself right now is praying.  Prayer is communication and communion with God.  We talk to Him and He talks to us.  We called on Him for ourselves, family and those in our world.  So today.  Watch and pray.  Live ready and you will not miss a thing.