Watch for Traps

March 15 – Psalm 31:3-5 – Watch for Traps

     This is such a great psalm.  Here David writes several things to consider today.  First he states that the Lord is his rock and fortress.  This is a recurring theme because in the time when David lived citadels, fortresses and castles were places of safety and protection.  This is what he says the Lord is for his life.  He then prays for the sake of the Lord.  For his reputation and fame David asks that the Lord would lead and guide him.  In David`s day camel, mule and horse trains were common.  One rider would lead the way while the rest were tethered together forming a line.  This is what David was getting at.  Lord you know the way.  Tether me to your guidance and I will follow David is saying.

     David then asks the Lord to free Him the trap that is set before him.  Traps were used to capture animals and people.  David wanted to Lord to save him from a trap if he was caught or help him to see it before he fall prey to it.  David then again states the Lord is his refuge, a place of safety.

     Now verse five is David`s cry but also Jesus when he hung on the cross.  Into your hands do I commit or commend my spirit.  The is a prophetic statement carried out by Jesus some 1000 years later.  Lord every part of my life is yours.  From the beginning to the end I am yours.  David then asks the Lord to redeem him.  The Lord bought us back from sin by the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This is one truth God gives us.  Then David closes off this verse by reminding his readers that God is a God of truth.  You can trust what He says.