We have the victory

Sept 10 – We have the Victory – Psalm 108:6 & 13


     David then makes a prayer and a statement.  Save us oh God with your right hand.  Now the right

hand in ancient times was the hand of strength or help.  David was asking for God’s assistance in his

life.  He then states that it is the love of God that will move God to act.  God is love and His nature is to

help and assist.  David reminds his audience that the Lord will come to our aid when we call out to Him

in desperation.  They that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled.

     David then makes a powerful statement.  With God we gain the victory.  Isaiah wrote that with God

For us who can be against us.  John wrote in 1 John 3:8, that Jesus came to destroy the works of the

devil.  David saw this throughout his life.  He was a man of action and God used him to win victories.

David says that the Lord will trample down His enemies.  Of course how can you defeat the God of the

Universe.  Satan tried and was soundly defeated.  Jesus did that again on the cross.  So today stand in

The victory of God.  The Lord is with you so no one can be against you.  Remember that as you go

Throughout your day.