We need to be taught

We need to be taught – Rom 15:3-4

Vs 3 – Paul uses Jesus Christ as the example to follow.  He did not come to please Himself.  The insults that have fallen on us have actually fallen on Him.  Jesus is our burden bearer.  He was insulted, beaten and crucified for us.  By His stripes we are healed.

Vs 4 – Paul now reveals one of the reasons for the Bible.  These things were written so that we could be taught.  We do not have to repeat the same mistakes that Bible characters did.  Through endurance and the encouragement of the scriptures, we might have hope.  Life is a journey or long distance affair.  We have to pace ourselves and times are difficult and tough we just have to remember the prize or reward at the end.  We will never get the prize at the beginning of the race we get it at the end and we do not get the certificate at the beginning of our studies but when we graduate.