Well It did not happen!

Yesterday according to the Mayan’s the world was suppose to end. Well it did not, no big surprise there. Â The end will not come until the Lord makes that decision. Â Yet the hype was there. Â My grandson Gideon everyday goes on the school bus to school. Â Everyday he has a time of discussion with his friends before the bus arrives. Â Yesterday, the discussion of course was on the end of the world. Â A great and deep subject for grade ones. Â His friends were telling him that today was the end of the world which concerned him so much he came back to my wife Lois as she was dropping him off and watching the school bus zone until the school bus arrived. Â He asked her if the world was going to end and she said no. Â This satisfied him and he went back to his friends announcing that his grandmother said no, the world was not going to end. Â The discussion continued and about five minutes later Gideon came back and asked if the world was going to end at 4:11 or 6:11 to which my wife replied,”no.” Â He went back and reported this again to his friends. Â The school bus came before he came back for a third question. Â This hype over the coming of the Lord and the end of the world creates great cynicism and debate. Â Yet it can also be an opportunity for discussion. Â A woman asked me a couple of days ago if I thought the world was going to end and this allowed me to share the biblical view of the end times. Â My attitude and thoughts on this matter is as follows. Â You need to be ready at any time for the coming of the Lord. Â His coming in our case can either be two ways. Â Through the rapture or death. Â Either way we should live our lives ready. Â Every thought, word and deed should reflect this hope and truth. Â Because as I said before. Â Ready or not here is He comes. Â