What a Weekend.

   Here it is Monday morning and I am reflecting on the weekend.  This weekend was very busy for the Steel household.  My son went to YC the large youth convention where 17000 youth gather together and celebrate Jesus.  It is a time for remembering what Jesus can do and how He can impact lives.  For myself it was the going to a car show in St. Albert.  I love old cars and everything about them.  For me it is a time to connect with a whole new audience of people.  Conversations lead to friendship and later opportunities to share Christ with them.  Building friendships is what it is all about when it comes to evangelism.  We need to earn the right to be heard and that is done with creating friendships.  I want to make clear that my making friends is not about just creating a future evangelism opportunity.  I want to connect with people.  I am a social person and love being with people while most of the time.  Being a friend is how you get friends.  Being friiendly is a great way to meet people who can impact your life for good.  This weekend was a great opportunity for me.  Now you may not be cut from the same cloth I am but I do encourage you to get to know new people.  You may find a life long friend and also be a blessing to others.  Something to think about.