What call are you answering?

You cannot grow up in Canada without learning how to use a telephone.  It may be a small cellphone or a larger land line but everyone of us are familiar with the concept of getting a call.  It is quite a sacrifice to accept the call of God upon you heart.  This call may mean that you will have to give up to follow Him.  In Gen 12:1-9, is the story of Abraham.  Abraham was told to leave his confortable life in the Ur of Chaldea and go to the wilderness of Canaan.  It would have been a real step and life of faith.  God had given Abraham a promise that if he would leave the land of Babylon and go to the land that God had promised him, he would become a great nation.  Abraham stepped out in faith and began to do what God asked him to do.  He left with all his possesions and his family and servants.  Travelling through the desert he reached the land of Canaan.  Here in Canaan at a place called Moreh, near Schechem, the Lord appeared to Abraham.  He gave him this promise, "To you offspring I will give this land."  To have the blessing of God upon us we must put feet to our faith.  We must be willing to say, "God no matter what I will follow you and do what you say."  Help us this day to be obedient.  Interesting I had this same discussion this morning.  I guess the application of this devotional is personal.  The following scriptures are promises for overcoming any habit or substance problems you or a loved one may be facing.  Psalm 28:13, John 3:17, 4:12, Acts 1:8, Rom 12:2, Gal 5:22-23 & 1 John 1:8-9.  Have a blessed day.