What can you give

There was a Father who wanted to bestow the greatest gift he could for his son.  The Father sought counsel,  first with a fellow father who said he should buy his son the latest electronic gadget, car, or stereo system.  Then, he talk to a business friend who suggested that he give the son, stocks, bonds or real estate so his financial future was secure.  Next, he talk to a friend in education who said he should make sure his son had a proper education so his future was secure in that manner.     He had many other suggestions as well.  Lastly, he talk to a trusted long time friend.  He told his friend all the suggestions he had been given and what did he think.  The friend pondered for a moment and then said, "All these things are good they will set him up materially, educationally and vocationally but are they most important thing you can give?"  His then look the at the father and said, "The best thing you can give him has three parts.  Give yourself. show him love and teach him by example your love for God.  This is the best gift you can give."