What do you want me to do for you.

In Luke 18:41, Jesus asked a blind man what it is he wanted Jesus to do for Him?  This is a question that God is asking us today.  This question demands thought and then a response.  For some today they want God to give them riches, fame power and status.  For others it is health wholeness and purpose.  For the blind man that day on the road to Jerusalem from Jericho, he wanted His sight.  For myself it is to be used of God.  This week in our Bible Study we were studying the prayer of Jesus in the upper room.  Jesus revealed the whole purpose of life.  Jesus said it was to glorify God.  Our lives are to project the character and essence of God.  When Jesus asked the blind man what he wanted the man knew what was the pressing obstacle for wholeness in his life.  He could not see.  He knew that once he could see things would be different.  When you know what the biggest obstacle in life is, asked the Lord to remove it and get on with living a life worthy of Him.  In Luke 18:42, Jesus said that the blind man’s faith had saved him.  It is faith in God that helps you see God’s plans and purpose for your life.  When you know that God has provided for you life and with it more abundance you see things differently.  You knew that every thought, word and action is an opportunity to make a difference.  You see every moment as a way to redeem the time.  So today, let your life glorify God, to have abundance and see the Lord remove every obstacle to help you live your life to the fullest.