What does Amen mean?

Amen is a word that we put at the end of every prayer but what does it mean? It is the exclamation point to prayer.  It means yes, this time of prayer has had value and meaning.  It means, Yes, God I believe that this time of prayer has gone right into your throne and you have heard everything I have said.  God you are good and that goodness has been extended to me.  It means that I have received grace and mercy and help in my time of need.  Amen is  the finish to a time which has changed our world and given us hope and a future.  Amen is the end of a time where a relationship has been build that will last for an eternity.  Amen says, "I know that even before the request was out of my mouth the answer was already on the way."  It means that every promise gone has made will be answered.  So today say Amen and see God work His miracles in your life and situation.