What is an evil man.

In Psalm 14, David gives us some characteristics of an evil man which we can learn from, so we can avoid them in our lives.  David says it is only a fool who says in their heart there is no God.  Evil men are corrupt and do not live right.  Anyone who turns from God will become corrupt and morally bankrupt.  Evil men never learn and they are overwhelmed with dread.  Evil doers try to frustrate the plans of the righteous but God will overcome them.  Your promises are Prov 3:5-6, Psalm 42:5, Rom 5:2, 15:3, 1 Cor 13:13, Col 1:27 and Heb 6:18-19.  Your insightful thoughts are:  The government is a curious thing on the one hand we give them permission to tax us and on the other hand we complain about it.  Alcohol and driving is like playing with electric eels in a smwimming pool.